musings: october 5

Hi. folks. It’s only Tuesday. I’m so tired.

Here’s what my week looks like so far:

Anyway, here’s a very necessary bumper sticker.

Quotations from poems I read this week:

And I wonder, if insides could speak / beyond the wet language of gurgle / and ache, would we not discern / beneath the inevitable surrender / a bit of resentment?

-Alice Friman, “With Due Respect”

Let’s call healing memory’s erasure.

-John Sibley Williams, “Rehearsal for Winter”

We were meant to be / something greater than / the sum of our griefs.

-Kaveh Akbar, “I Want Back Everything I’ve Laid on the Altar”

Privilege is an aggressive form of amnesia.

-Elisa Gonzalez, “Failed Essay on Privilege”

How tenuous our attachments, what frail / articulations tether us to the world.

-Michael Pettit, “Vernal Fevers”

I am ripe for a bit of solitude, the white crackle of the pine cones.

-Lisa Lubasch, “The Situation/Evidence”

All art arises from longing.

-Kate Greenstreet


Books I read this week:

Who likes writer drama?

Something else to read:

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A few tweets I liked:

That’s all for today! Thanks for being here.