round up: 9/21 (news, calls for submissions, books, etc.)

Happy Tuesday, folks. Here’s what I have for you this week:

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Last week, I wrote a lil e-book! Publishing Poems: An Easy Guide is exactly that: an easy guide to publishing poems. It’s 46 pages in total and made up of eight chapters:

  1. The Cover Letter

  2. The Bio

  3. Submitting for the First Time

  4. Formatting Your Poems

  5. Submission Fees

  6. Getting Paid for Your Writing

  7. Journals that Respond Quickly

  8. Applying to MFA Programs

I’ve learned so much from being a writer and editor these past few years, and I wanted to share my insights for those who are just starting to publish—hopefully, your learning curve is less steep than mine.

Anyways, you can buy it for $10 on my website.

Catch up

Here are my other posts from the past month, in case you missed any.

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on leading workshops
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Poetry is the art of leaving things out.

-Sam Cha, “Unbearable Splendor”

For me, without writing there is no complete self.

-Vievee Francis

Poetry is an art that returns to us these nameless and silent things, these forgotten things, these almost incommunicable things, these almost inhuman things.

-Sam Cha, “Unbearable Splendor”


I’m a writer who likes to show her work, and who likes to talk with others about the work by others that I love. I have no interest in presenting myself as a kind of insulated genius, or someone who is simply taken up by a muse. Writing is hard work, and—I know it is by this point a cliché—no writer is a good writer without being first an expansive and voracious reader. I read everything, and as much of everything as I am able. I say in the book that the only reason I would wish to live forever is to be able to read every book ever written and it’s a true confession. I think a great deal about what sort of a tradition I’d like to descend from, and also what sort of a conversation I am able to participate in contemporarily. […] I don’t imagine myself as operating in a vacuum. […] I find most writers don’t like to show their cards. It’s a point of pride I suppose, but pride isn’t something I find especially useful for my own work. My investments are in vulnerability, humility, and openness.

-Jamie Hood

Books I bought this month

Calls for submissions

Here are a few places I’ve submitted this month:

Tweet of the week

So…….I have an e-book out. Did I mention that? My e-book? That came out? That I wrote? Anyway, I wrote an e-book. And it’s out. Please buy it.

Thanks for always humoring me, folks. That’s all for today.