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The art of imagery:

im·age·ry /ˈimij(ə)rē/ (noun): visually descriptive or figurative language, especially in a literary work.

Alrighty, folks. It’s time. I’ve written about the art of similes, metaphors, titles, and personification, so now I’m offering some examples of good imagery in poetry—images I liked enough to write down, archive, and use as examples.

From a backyard / hammock she’s not watching / the robin’s breast burning / its trail of rust through sky.

-Lisa Fay Coutley

The moon kept pace as dry pastures slid past my window.

-Naomi K. Long

The sun steeps at the edges of the sky.

-Linda Pastan

…and the sun bends down to scatter coins on the water.

-Brent Calderwood

When I first saw you it was night, on the beach, with a full moon overhead, and the light from the moon bounced off the water into your hair so that all I could see was the light of the top of your head, making a silver outline down by the water, moving in the wind.

-Emily Galvin

The rainbow had been crushed / into a sky of winter slate.

-Marcus Lloyd Rummell

I ran through the orange grove stopping / only to let the lightning bugs pulse inside / my hands. Kept their beacons safely under / church-steepled fingers.

-Caitlin M Plunkett

A few clouds, moving westward, / stained us with shadows.

-Marieve Rugo

A strip of sunburn, / skin peeling auburn.

-Hala Alyan

Only a wash / of half-moon hoof trails / embroidered in snow.

-Joelee Dekker, “Deertracking”

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