on my current obsessions

And, today, I’m sharing my obsessions, including:

  1. Books I demand you purchase immediately

  2. My favorite lil daily-life items

  3. A teeny tiny zine

And, bonus:

  1. Books on my to-read list

Books I demand you purchase immediately

(That is: absolutely essential reading, according to me, Queen of Always Being Right.)

If you lead poetry workshops:

If you are a writer of any kind:

A few lil daily-life items I can’t live without:

  • This is the best chapstick ever. Unscented, unflavored, and without any sodium lauryl sulfates, which can irritate the skin long-term and cause acne. There’s also no coconut oil, which is great, because that’s high on the comedogenic scale and thus also causes acne.

  • This company has the most comfortable bras in the world. I wear them exclusively and just ordered more last night. You can get get 15% off with code “DBOUTS.”

A teeny tiny zine

I’ll be sending a free copy to anyone who buys something from my store this week.

Without further ado, the zine, in its entirety:

You’re also welcome to print the zine out yourself for free — just make sure to set your printer properties to “fit to paper” to ensure the spacing’s right.

Bonus: books on my to-read list:



Graphic novels:

And, finally, in case you missed it: here are some (paying!) journals currently open for submissions.

That’s all for today, folks. Thanks for being here.