Sitemap - 2021 - on poetry & being human

12/30: round-up

recap: your favorite posts of the year

12/23: round-up

on tracking your influences

12/17: round-up

12/10: round-up

12/6: round-up

on imitation (& round-up)

11/29: round-up

on writing reviews (& round-up)

11/22: round-up (recs, hacks, etc.)

11/19: round-up

on showing your work, etc.

11/12: round-up

on following submission guidelines

11/6: round-up

on boundaries

10/31: round-up

10/27: round-up

i'm moving!

october 19: round up

october 15: round up

on reading (& articulating your poetics)

the art of imagery

poems as puzzles (& not in the way you think)

musings: october 5

october 1: round-up

zines, again! (and recs, quotes, tweets)

september 24: roundup (quotes, recs, tweets, etc.)

being a good literary citizen

round up: 9/21 (news, calls for submissions, books, etc.)

on my current obsessions

september 14: round-up (recs, links, calls for submissions)

what i'm reading this week: trans lit

mail as a small mercy // literary links

on leading workshops

some handy links // guys, what the f*ck?

delayed spring cleaning // books i read this week

august 8: roundup (books, art, reading recs, tweets, etc.)

calls for submissions // what to read

wisdom from maxine kumin

a prompt // back in california

calls for submissions, reading recs, and a selfié

back on my zine bullshit // reading recs

re: accessibility, summer reading, and journals open for submissions

thinking about poetry // & what to read this june

just some useful links (and more crafting!)

journals with fast-response times

zines (ft. my quest for healthy coping mechanisms)

the art of personification

on good poems

have a question about writing, poetry, or process?

the art of titles (or, title discourse ft. seething jealousy)

the art of the metaphor

the art of the simile